Revival Blues

Revival Blues

Sex, Death, the Blues, and every other reason behind it all…

We work all day and drink all night. We make our money, we spend our money, we marry and separate, and in between we?ll take a few important phone calls.

Yes, that is enough. We are alive.

When Ken appears out of the clear blue sky one day in Okinawa, Yosuke recognizes him instantly. It takes more than twenty-three years to erase bitter feelings between two men.

And neither have forgotten. When Ken left their blues band behind in the late 70s to pursue his business career in Tokyo, Yosuke lost more than a good bassist. And neither have forgotten…

But things have changed. Yosuke has been stricken with cancer, giving Ken only three months to pick up an old friendship where it left off so long ago. Three months to look back on two decades of good choices and bad ones, on half a lifetime of memories. There was a time when it all made sense to Ken and Yosuke. They?ll have to start over to find it again.

-Participation in the Festival of New Cinema, Montreal, 2003