Privileged Filmmakers

No matter how tough it can get in the process; how hard one has to work to get there; or how frustrating in can be on the way, being about to shoot a feature film is always a privilege.

Every single time that I am about to shoot a new film, I feel privileged to have producers who believe in me enough to go out there and do all what it takes to get me the money I need to make a film that we all want to see on the screen. I always feel privileged to have private and public investors who decide to put their money in my hands and trust that I will deliver the picture that will return that investment, and hopefully some more…

With the privileges come the responsibilities, of course, but also the pleasure and satisfaction of going out there and fight for what we believe in.

I am about to have this privilege again with my new movie called “Karakara” and I do feel awfully good about it. The movie will take place entirely in Okinawa, Japan. “Karakara” tells the story of a 61 year old French Canadian who feels lost at this particular time in his life. He is shaken in his own beliefs as he is confronted to a different culture and a younger woman who has other projects for him.



For those of you who may wonder what “Karakara” means, here is a picture of one. It’s a kind of pitcher to serve “Awamori”, the distilled liquor made out of rice and typical of Okinawa. The movie will explain more about the meaning of this “Karakara” and possibly give some fun clues as to how to put some spices in our lives.

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