T-Joy Wald 11, Hiroshima

We opened our movie “Looking For Anne” in Hiroshima Wald 11 Cinema on the 19th of June 2010. Hiroshima is quite special for us, especially since it plays a turning role in our movie. We really wanted to make it a successful operation there and we even came back about 500 kilometers to make the campaign. I’m glad to say that it’s working as well as we had hoped for after two weeks. The third week is already confirmed and if it keeps going at this pace, we might be there for a while…

One of our sponsors for the trip, the organic food company Viva, generously offered to put some adds in the papers for us. It obviously pays off. I believe that the media campaign is part of what brings some freedom to the Independent Filmmakers and we have no problem doing what needs to be done to sell our movie. I put together a short video to give a feel of what it was like…

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Okonomiyaki, Hiroshima

You can’t go to Hiroshima and not have the Okonomiyaki, a local “national treasure”… They cook Okonomiyaki in front of you, in a spectacular way, or you do it yourself, which can be spectacular as well, and possibly quite messy if you’re not familiar.

You can find just about anything in an Okonomiyaki “crêpe”, depending of what you order, but there is always a ton of vegetables, starting with cabbage, meat of your choice, or not, shrimps and the like, mayo, cheese, spices, noodles and whatever. Great fun to eat with friends on a hot plate on your table. Beer is a must.

Actually, I have a short but fun scene taking place in an Okonomiyaki restaurant in my movie “Kamataki”. I always liked the warm, friendly and unpretentious atmosphere of those restaurants…

IMG_0389.JPG IMG_0388.JPGIMG_0391.JPGIMG_0394.JPG   

And on the way out, we noticed an interesting Kleenex box. I thought it was worth a picture.


We loved that place so much that we went back a few weeks later when we had to comeback to Hiroshima for the promotion of “Looking For Anne”. It was open, so we went in.



I didn’t shoot it, but they were kind enough to put our flyers on the wall.






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Temple in Saga…

When I passed through Saga city, something like a Century ago it seems, I saw this fairly common temple. We stopped and I quickly took a few pictures. No big deal, but somehow, this is one of the reasons why I love Japan so much…SANY0034.JPG



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Twin Cinemas, Hagi

After more than 60 days on the roads of Japan, visiting dozens of movie theaters, there are days when I feel that there is very little hope left for cinema in this country. There are days like this when I feel that the system has been too slow in following the evolution of society, too slow in preparing the grounds for the next generations. As a filmmaker, there are days when I feel really frustrated and angry at the system that didn’t plan well and got caught at its own game…

Yet, there are days when I feel real good about the movie passion that I meet everywhere, the love for cinema that I see in the people’s eyes… The Twin Cinemas in Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture is such a place. The movie theater was closing down and the community decided to take it in their own hands. They even installed a 3D Projector and were playing “Alice… ” when we visited..

And on the way out from Hagi, we saw this nice little Buddhist temple with a tiny cemetery, surrounded by “Mikan” orchards. We stopped to take a look and found those interesting statues…





And we couldn’t resist buying some “mikan”. There was no one to sell them, but here is the proof that we paid for them…


This already feels like it was such a long time ago… Actually it was more than a month ago… I will try harder in the coming days…

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Hiroshima Mayor

On Friday the 11th of June, we had the honor of meeting the Hiroshima Mayor, Mr Akiba, with of one of our main sponsors, Mr Morito from the Viva Company, based in Hiroshima.


Mayor Akiba is very familiar with Montreal, their Canadian sister city, and Québec in general, which made our visit all the more interesting. Mr Akiba’s love for cinema is also well known in Hiroshima and we hope that he gets to see our film starting on June 19th at the nice Multiplex Wald 11…

I also received a nice tapestry of the Peace Memorial Park. I will have it framed and keep it preciously.


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