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Back in the Seventies, my mother in law, Kumiko Yoshimura, was an active member of the Communist Party. She even was one of the first women politicians in Japan to be elected for three consecutive terms at the Kyoto Prefectural Diet. I’m ashamed to admit that, in those days, I kept teasing her about the utopia of Marxism, an ideology that “had forgotten to take into consideration the human weaknesses during its elaboration”…


In retrospective, Kumiko’s ideological fight was more than legitimate. The political ideologists turned out to be the only people in Japan who never sold out to the American nuclear lobby during the Seventies. The lobbyists didn’t even attempt to bribe these incorruptible communists, as they successfully did with most of the right wing politicians who couldn’t care less about the safety and welfare of their people. Today, I’m very thankful to Kumiko and all these ideologists in several Prefectures of Japan who protected their fellow citizens from those lethal nuclear plants…

It’s now up to the new generation of ideologists to take over and make sure that, once and for all, we get rid of all those dangerous nuclear plants, in Japan and the rest of the world.

Manifestations and petitions play a valuable role, but they are simply not strong enough to overcome such a powerful industry. In Japan, as it is now getting to be known, TEPCO is the principal sponsor for all the Major TV networks, many of which are managed by ex TEPCO employees. The nuclear industry holds the media under a firm control, and we can’t expect protests and manifestations to find a voice loud enough. The Japanese media are simply muzzled by the nuclear industry, as in too many other countries.

Sadly enough, there are billions and billions of dollars to be made with the nuclear industry, as with the arms and oil businesses, the other vicious cancers threatening our planet. Let’s remember that no matter what they could say to the contrary, no one is involved in the nuclear industry for any other reason than money. Money is the nerve of the war: we have to hurt their wallets. Once we understand that, we can establish a strategy that could have slightly better chances of succeeding.

May I suggest that indispensable organizations like Green Peace, Avaaz, and the other ones fighting for human rights and dignity put their efforts together in that same direction. We should find a way with the lawyers who care about our planet to massively sue the corporations, Governments, developers or anybody making money with the nuclear. We should sue them for endangering the health and lives of innocent people, for creating an unacceptable stress and taking away the houses, lands and livelihood of the people in Fukushima and anywhere else with the inevitable potential for disaster. Losing your house, your farm and your family land is worth how much money? How many people find themselves in such a situation because of irresponsible people who kept telling them that there was no danger and that there will be no danger in the future “since the technology is getting better”?

It is also well documented that the nuclear industry in many countries, including Japan, have been relying on the organized crime to recruit or force poor workers or even homeless, isolated individuals to clean their dangerous plants, to get rid of the nuclear waste, etc. Those many illegalities give us ground to win important lawsuits against those Governments, individuals and corporations. Hopefully, Wikileaks will find further material to bring them to justice for even more money.

Let us hope that we will soon put an end to this nuclear nonsense…

P.S. Kumiko, eighty-five, still actively takes part in the fights for the human rights…

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  • Sam says:

    Thanks! I recommend you you some links when you talk about important issue like this… like the link to the article about Wikileaks, etc. Nice post!

    Reply May 13, 2011 3:00 am
  • Angele says:

    Wow, nice text! Kumiko is the best…!

    Reply May 14, 2011 11:16 am
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