The Cove, Forum Cinema in Sendai, Japan

July 3, 2010 | No comments | Blog | Video Podcast

For several weeks now, some anonymous right wing groups have threatened movie theater owners who planned to open the movie “The Cove”. Nothing was ever clearly formulated, but they didn’t want them to play this movie that apparently spread some lies about Japan.

Mr. Nagasawa, the founder and owner of the Forum Network in Japan, thought that in a democratic society like Japan, everybody should be entitled to his or her opinion and I agree with him. Unlike some other theaters that cancelled their opening of the film, he decided to play it in some of his theaters. In order not to make any provocation, I guess, there were no posters of the movie anywhere, neither outside nor inside the theater, not even a flyer, a picture or even the title. Provocation seldom serves any purpose, at least any peaceful ones…

I could be wrong, but I have a feeling that there were a few undercover policemen in the theater, for security reason, I would guess. I had no information to that effect, but I seem to have an eye for this type. I thought of making a short video on the event…

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