Kokura Showakan, Second Run Theater

Kokura escaped twice the awful and unacceptable atomic bomb towards the end of the Pacific War (What an association!!!… Pacific & War…). Kokura was the second target in case the drop of the bomb failed in Hiroshima, but we too sadly know what happened… Next, Kokura was to be first target, but was saved by the weather and Nagasaki ended up getting the murderous blast.

So Kokura did survive despite all the war madness and so did its Second Run Theater, the Kokura Showakan for the last seventy years. Since we expect to play our movie “Looking For Anne” at some point in the future, we paid a visit at the end of a very long traveling day.


It is one of the rare theaters where they still present two movies together, paying a flat rate to the distributor for a three weeks use. It does have its own character.

IMG_0305  IMG_0302 IMG_0303

Once again, the iPhone footage isn’t great, but we had to rush around since we arrived late and the manager Maehara San was supposed to leave about an hour earlier. A very rewarding visit, nevertheless…

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