Climbing Dragon Waterfall, Oita

Since the beginning of the trip, I have been trying to take the smaller mountain roads as often as I could, and not often enough to my taste. Those smaller roads can hide so many beautiful natural spots. On the way back from Oita to Fukuoka, we stopped at a lovely fall where there was the traditional Shinto Shrine. By the river, there was a funny looking Kappa, a legendary sprite for which you can find more information on Wikipedia.


Yuri and I next to the funny looking Kappa that can be dangerous, according to legends, but also very useful if we learn how to handle it.


But the real fun part of the place was the Climbing Dragon Waterfall. According to the Shinto suggestion, it brings you luck if you go all the way around the fall. We did and I wonder if it might not be the reason why we have been so lucky this far during the trip… Hihihhihi… I suggest that you try making the short tour with us…

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