Yame, old Japanese town

It’s always nice to find an old Japanese town which hasn’t been destroyed during the bombing of the Pacific War and has kept its old buildings. Yame means “Eight Women” and was named after an ancient goddess it seems. We were visiting that locality to meet some young people who want to organize a few special screenings of our film, Looking For Anne, in their community Hall.

To me, Yame looks like a perfect place to shoot a movie on another era. Just a few retouches and it would be perfect.

After the meeting, we were taking some pictures of an old Sake factory (three of them in the town) and in a lovely little street when a woman came out, asking what we were doing. When we explained that we love those old buildings and particularly the house next to hers, she offered for us to go inside and visit the place. It was her family store, selling rare wood, now turned into a space for tea ceremony. They were emptying it to make renovations in the traditional way.

I put a few iPhone shots together, for curiosity. It’s a bit corny with the music and all, but why not?

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