CGFilms 001- Sakurazaka

April 30, 2010 | No comments | Blog Post | Video Podcast

As a filmmaker, I’m very concerned with the state of film distribution in movie theaters as we have known this until now. Many people wonder if Independent Cinema will survive in the coming years, how it will find its way to the audience and under what format. Obviously, VOD and the Home Cinema are changing the picture.

I thought it might be of interest, as we travel in forty-seven different Prefectures in Japan, to introduce some of the movie theaters of the country. Beginning with the Sakurazaka in Naha was a logical starting point, since Okinawa is where we begin our trip, but also because this theater played an important role in convincing us to jump into that trip operation around Japan.

And as a curiosity, I post this material shot on the Flip about the Premiere of “Looking For Anne” at the Sakurazaka in November 2009. It gives another idea of the mood in the Sakurazaka…

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